"Habitar el agua" finalist in the FAD Awards

The book by Ana Amado and Andrés Patiño, where Eduardo collaborated with a chapter entitled "The works of Hercules. José Tames, the architecture and urban planning of the INC villages", has been a finalist in the "FAD Thought and Criticism Awards 2021".


"Choral research work that aims to give an account of the scope of the work of the National Institute of Colonization from a contemporary perspective, as well as the mark it has left in its towns, reconstructing an experience largely sustained in the hydraulic works that guaranteed its survival over almost eighty years. The pertinent approach of Ana Amado and Andrés Patiño manages to give the right measure of both what it supposed and what has survived in time. Photography becomes the common thread of the different articles that address issues such as the vision of Kindel's photographic reports or their dissemination in the NO_DO, agrarian policies, irrigation and water supply, the towns and the work of José Luis Fernández del Amo, his homes and public and religious buildings, even the Italian antecedents, but, above all, it allows us to appreciate the presence of its inhabitants and their vital continuity over time. of the documents is accompanied both by the interest in the articles and by the cataloging and documentation work of these actions, which are translated into a book of unquestionable importance for the study of this unique experience and as a research methodology for other works on our heritage."