José Luis Fernández del Amo
Religious architecture. The conquest of dispossession

Mariano Garrigues Díaz-Cañabate
The ephemeral elegance of an alternative modernity

Luis Cubillo de Arteaga. Works and projects
The trade of a city builder

Architectural hopscotch
Three prologues for a book

Salvador Pérez Arroyo
Writings of an architect

Estados intermedios
Intermediate Stages

Research (in architecture)

Paisaje y artificio
El mausoleo para Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente en Burgos

The secret warp

The domestic, visual narratives
The brightness of the ordinary

9 domestic visits to modernity

Il Mausoleo degli Spagnoli a Roma

El Panteón de los Españoles en Roma

On the border


The Lighthouse

Modelling for the Camera

The educated water

On design
(revised and expanded edition)

On design

Sceneries with Soul

Sceneries with Soul

Caminos cruzados

Alvar Aalto en España

Bendita vanguardia! Arquitectura religiosa en España 1950-1975

The hard skin

Image and Memory

Photography & Modern Architecture in Spain

Beatriz Building. Madrid, Spain

Guidelines aimed at integrating actions

Artrópodos y Omatidios

Artropodoak eta omatidioak