Imperfection and beauty

José Luis Fernández del Amo
Religious architecture. The conquest of dispossession

Mariano Garrigues Díaz-Cañabate
The ephemeral elegance of an alternative modernity

Luis Cubillo de Arteaga. Works and projects
The trade of a city builder

Spanish architecture and technology
The 60s: the perfect architecture

En Blanco
The ephemeral life in St. Louis

Ceramic material

The eyes of I’itoi

Architectural hopscotch
Three prologues for a book

Metamorphosis in 3 acts

Architectural manifesto

Inhabiting the water
The works of Hercules

Crossed views. Carvajal House
Javier Carvajal, 1965

Cosntelaciones 8
Glorification and Neglect of Susana C. Polac

Religious architecture of the 21st century in Spain
(ed. Universidad Coruña)
Eucharistic Chapel
Church in monastery

VLC 06
Jorge Oteiza and Mariano Garrigues

Religious architecture of the 21st century in Spain
Eucharistic Chapel
Church in monastery

Salvador Pérez Arroyo
Writings of an architect

Gareth Bale and Eurobuilding

Estados intermedios
Intermediate Stages

Research (in architecture)

10 years 10 texts
Architecture without hurry

Programs by hand
The time stopped

Technology in modern architecture
Julio Bellot in the Puig

Zarch 11
Interview with Julio Martínez Calzón

JIDA 2018. Texts of architecture, teaching and innovation
Sobre la pertinencia

Revista Arquitectura
Gareth Bale and Eurobuilding

Paisaje y artificio
El mausoleo para Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente en Burgos

Encuentros / Encontros

The secret warp

III International Congress of Sustainable Collective Housing
The recycling of assets as an instrument
of conservation and valorization

RA Revista de Arquitectura
Kahn's Spain