Exhibition at the College of Architects of Madrid

Eduardo has been, together with Elena Pérez Garrigues, curator of the exhibition "Mariano Garrigues Díaz-Cañabate. The ephemeral elegance of an alternative modernity", the result of the research carried out by himself and collected in the book under the same title, which has been held at the College of Architects of Madrid between May 11 and 30, 2022.

The Garrigues Carnicer family, aware of the value of their father's work, donated the architect's professional archive to the Historical Archive of the COAM Architecture Foundation in 2008. They also launched an exhaustive study of the work of Mariano Garrigues, entrusted to the architect and professor Eduardo Delgado, in order to place his work in the place it deserves.

Mariano Garrigues He was part of the technical office of the Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid in the post-war period, rebuilding the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy and building the Veterinary Medicine and the Anglo-American Hospital. Due to his experience and international relations, he designed the House of Sweden and directed the Embassy of the United States. He was the architect of the Banco Exterior de España for which he built its headquarters and numerous branches throughout the peninsula. He collaborated with Agustín Aguirre, Modesto López Otero, whom he considered his teacher, and Miguel de los Santos. It also carried out important promotions of urban complexes in Pinar de Chamartín and Carabanchel.