Single-family home in Fuenteolmedo

Place: Valladolid
Date: 2003
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

This project is inserted in the edge of the plot of a small settlement in the Castilian plateau. This boundary condition, coupled with the large expanses of terrain facing the site, led to a linear and very generous deployment in the terrain, avoiding the temptation of any growth in height.

On the other hand, the geometry of the plant responds in the south facade to the alignment of the street while the north is compressed and expands depending on the interior space and its relations with the rest of the lot that functions as an extension of the house itself.

Also these movements in plant generate a discreet movement of roofs learned in the settlements of the National Institute of Colonization that fitted of good and discreet architecture the fields of our country. Serve this modest project, which finally and like many others did not come to be executed, as a tribute to those architectures.