House reform in San Rafael

Place: San Rafael. Segovia
Date: 2012
Developer: Banco Popular
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Team: Javier Rincón Sánchez


The set of works of San Rafael responds to a project of update of which was a small residence of vacations for the employees of a bank, whose programmatic obsolescence had led to a state of relative abandonment.

The general project aimed to transform the grouping of small villas into a complex of meetings for the senior management of the same bank. This program included the updating of two of the houses, as well as the transformation of a third one into a center of studies and conventions of high level, incorporating all type of benefits associated with the communications and the computer science (videoconferences, networks of the bank, television, etc.)

Likewise, a certain ordering and transformation of the landscape of the estate itself was necessary, inserted in a leafy pine forest, that ordered the possible massive presence of vehicles and allowed the enjoyment of the walk in the forest. It was a question of restoring the imposing beauty of the place by means of a sophisticated operation of escamoteo of the necessary facilities to give service to the requested program.

Finally, in the interiors, an attempt was also made to offer an image as human as possible, avoiding the sensation of an office or a convention center to use.