Refurbishing of a house in Montesquinza street

Place: Madrid
Date: 2010
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Team: Juan Enrique Álvarez, Sonia Díez

This project was published in a monograph on new living trends, because its main purpose lies in solving the habitation of a family of ten persons (the parents and eight young children) in one flat having a limited surface and no extension possibilities.

The exercise consisted in the separation of both night and day areas. During the day, adults basically use the living and dining room, while a wide play and study space was provided for the children. This was achieved after grouping the night time space in two small ‘sleeping cabins’ providing triple bunk beds, for the children and for an occasional guest. Having made these key decisions the remaining task was to find lasting solutions that adapt to the family’s enormous activity.