Modelling for the Camera

Arquitectura per una "Nova Evangelització"

Zarch 7
Jorge Oteiza y lo arquitectónico

The educated water

On design
(revised and expanded edition)

On design

Thomistic science
Evangelization and art in the years prior to Vatican Council in Spain

Studio works

Architectural Practice II
As Many Words as Bricks

Emak Bakia
Emak Bakia House

Photography and modern architecture
Whitewashed landscapes

Pioneers of Modern Spanish Architecture
The United States Embassy

On Diseño

If Mies had been less silent...

The altars of renewal
Dreaming with new lights

Sceneries with Soul

Land for a Catholic atheist

Campo Verano revisited

Sceneries with Soul

Caminos cruzados

Alvar Aalto en España

Bendita vanguardia! Arquitectura religiosa en España 1950-1975

The hard skin

Image and Memory

Poetica Architectonica

Photography & Modern Architecture in Spain

AV Spain yearbook


Beatriz Building. Madrid, Spain

Academic Bulletin
Sota and me

Writings on sacred architecture
The persistence of surrealism

Biennial Versus Biennial