Journal: Octogon. Architecture & Design nº87
Chapter: Monostor Tájkép Körökkel (Extension project of the Monastery of Aguilera)
Date: 2011
Published work: Extension project of the Monastery of Aguilera
Pages: 24-27

The expansion project of the Monastery of La Aguilera responds to the settlement of the Iesu Communio Institute from the nearby town of Lerma, in a former Fransciscan establishment dating back to the fifteenth century.

The overall geometry of the new intervention responds to a metaphor based on the print that raindrops leave on the ground, understood this in turn as the image of the relationship between Heaven and Earth. The buildings, of circular plan and geometry approximately cylindrical, colo¬nize the available area in an apparently random way, forming an open landscape that contrasts harmoniously with the original set.

Likewise the organization of the outer spaces linked to the pilgrims follows a similar arrangement, drawing the boundaries of these small squares or relation spaces to be tailored to the contours of the land. The result is a kind of linker of open and built spaces that fragment the large action area, he whole of it wrapped by the walls of the old convent.